Video Editing I am a Video Editor for a company called YBLTV. YBLTV is a company that goes to various different conferences and events to interview companies about their exciting new products and services. As a video editor for YBLTV I edit and cut together video clips along with B-Roll footage to create the interviews for their website. I also clean up the dialogue and choose the music for the interviews as well.
Rhino Staging Rhino Staging is an event solutions company that assists with several of the events that take place here in Las Vegas. Rhino Staging hired me as a Audio Technician and a Stagehand in 2015 but I have worked in a variety of other areas as well, such as: Lighting, Video, Carpentry, etc. Here is a list of just a few shows and events that I have worked here in Las Vegas: Rock in Rio, Life is Beautiful, Five Finger Death Punch, Latin Grammys, ACMA's, Cher, Five Finger Death Punch, Incubus, Jimmy Buffet, and many more.